Instructional Design

Katsuaki Suzuki

Professor, Instructional Systems
Born in 1959. Ph.D., Instructional Systems, Florida State University. Visiting professor at the Open University Graduate School Japan (2006-2009); part-time lecturer at Tohoku University Graduate School; director of International Board for Standards of Training, Performance, and Instruction; councilor and editorial member of Japan Society for Educational Technology; board member and editorial member of Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education; Vice President of Japan Association for Educational Media Studies; honorary member of e-Learning Consortium Japan, etc. Author of "Principles of Instructional Design" (translation supervisor), "Designing Motivation to Learn" (translation supervisor), "Design Manual for Self-learning Material", "Getting Started in Educational Technology Research" (joint translator, commentator), etc.

Shirou Kitamura

Associate Professor, Instructional Systems
Born in 1961. Became engaged in planning, development and implementation of corporate education programs at Tokyo Marine & Nichido Human Resources Academy Co., Ltd., before taking up his present position in August 2005 (doubles as visiting researcher at RCAST, The University of Tokyo). Research area: instructional design, e-learning, corporate education, teaching methodology, education business, etc. Co-author of "Basic Theory of Human Resource Development".

Yoshiko Goda

Associate Professor, Instructional Systems
Ph.D., Science Education, Florida Institute of Technology. Visiting Fellow a t Aoyama Gakuin University; Part-time lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University G raduate School and Otemae University. Research Interests: Evaluation and Fee dback for Project and Course Improvement, Cultivating Self-Regulated Learnin g Skills, Global Learning. Co-author of "KORE ISSATSU DE WAKARU e-Learning SENMONKA NO KIHON: Introduction to e-Learning Professionals (Research Instit ute, Aoyama Gakuin University)"

Junko Nemoto

Assistant Professor, Instructional Systems
Served as instructor and material developer for IT-based/corporate education and as researcher at Iwate Prefectural University before taking up her present position. Research area: instructional design/evaluation, etc. Member of Japan Society for Educational Technology/ASTD.

Hiroshi Kato

Visiting Professor, Kumamoto University
Professor, Center of ICT and Distance Education, The Open University of Japan

Jyunji Shibasaki

Visiting Associate Professor, Kumamoto University
Associate Professor, Center of ICT and Distance Education, The Open University of Japan

Tomoaki Tokumura

Part-time lecturer
JICE Okinawa Office

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