Instructional Management

Yoshihiro Ekawa

Associate Professor, Instructional Systems
Served as broadcasting reporter and then commercial and urban development planner before becoming engaged in consulting services mainly in Internet-related business development, corporate personnel development and educational program development and sales. In October 2004, Yoshihiro Ekawa became an associate professor in the Faculty of Letters Communication and Information Studies Course, Kumamoto University (present Department of Communication and Information Studies). Specialist area: theory of information society.

Fujio Ohmori

Visiting Professor, Kumamoto University
Born in 1959. Ph.D. (Institute of Education, University of London, 2008). Following administrative career experience in quality assurance policies, etc. at the Ministry of Education, Japan for transnational higher education; Professor at the Research Center for Higher Education, Kumamoto University in July 2003; Professor at the Center for Higher Education, Tokyo Metropolitan University in Oct 2010. Research area: Japanese Journal of Higher Education Research, education policy, educational sociology. Relevant research papers: published in The Journal of Educational Sociology, Proceedings of Japan Association of Higher Education Research, etc.

Kimio Kondo

Visiting Professor, Kumamoto University
Professor, Center of ICT and Distance Education, The Open University of Japan

Aya Watanabe

Associate Professor, Instructional Systems
Graduated from Tsuda College; completed her master's program at the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University; withdrew from her doctoral course at the same university with credit acquisition and studied at the Graduate School of the University of Tampere, Finland. Aya Watanabe served as special researcher (DC/PD) at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and at the University of the Sacred Heart Tokyo, and investigative research associate at the Department of Internationalization Promotion in University Education, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science before taking up her present position as associate professor in the Department of Curriculum Development at the Research Center for Higher Education, Kumamoto University.

Junko Araki

Part-time lecturer
Part-time lecturer at the School of Information-Oriented Management, Sanno University

Akihiko Koga

Part-time lecturer
Served as head of the e-Learning Development Center, Self-Learning Systems Development Dept., at the Sanno Institute of Management before becoming an associate professor at the School of Information-Oriented Management, Sanno University, in 2008.

Hidekuni Komatsu

Part-time lecturer
Head of Planning and Research Office, Training Business Department, NTT Learning Systems Corp.; chairman of e-Learning Consortium Japan.

Yoshiki Sakurai

Part-time lecturer
Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing Division, Master of Management of Technology, NEC Learning, Ltd.

Yoshiyuki Shibata

Part-time lecturer
Born in 1962. Following employment at JMA Management Center Inc., where he served as manager of the Correspondence Study Department, training lecturer, and head of the e-Learning Development Department while also creating broadcast scripts (NHK), Yoshiyuki Shibata in April 2008 became an associate professor at the University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan. Member of the Japan Society for Educational Technology.

Hiroshi Shimoyama

Part-time lecturer
President of Human Capital Lab. Co. Ltd. Completed his MOT master's program at Waseda University Graduate School. Board member of e-Learning Consortium Japan; vice-chairman of ASTD Global Network Japan; councilor of the Association of Kanagawa Prefectural Education Center, Kanagawa Prefectural Education Board; project member of International HRD Conference & Expo of Japan Management Association, etc.

Ai Takeuchi

Part-time lecturer
Assistant Professor, Department of International Sociology, Maebashi Gakuen College. Part-time lecturer, The Center for Liberal Arts, Meiji Gakuin University

Aki Nakanishi

Part-time lecturer
Professor, School of Business Administration, Meiji University

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