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Information Processing Fundamentals

Lecturer: Ryuichi Matsuba/Tsuyoshi Usagawa
Open: 9th September 2010
(Elective subject. Exemption from attending "Information Processing Fundamentals" can be confirmed by taking an placement test.)
Prerequisite courses: None
Subsequent courses:
e-Learning in Information Literacy Education, Information and Communication Technology Learning Support Systems, Practicum in e-Learning I, Special Research I
Course Description:
This course provides an introduction to students who have not yet taken any courses in the information technology area or who need to enhance their knowledge and skills in information technology.
In this course, students learn about how to create HTML using editors and learn the scripting languages required for creating interactive web pages, as well as the basic knowledge of information technology required to create e-Learning materials (specifically web-based), including knowledge on multimedia information and how to edit and process them in order to integrate them with the web.
* This course has been reorganized for students in the Instructional Systems course based on "Basic Information Processing A/B" for 1st year undergraduates.

Please note that some pages contains screen shots of Japanese version.

block 1 [1] Information literacy
[Session 1]-[Session 5]
Assignment 1
Assignment 2-1
block 2 [2] HTML and CSS (on condition)
[Session 6] - [Session 10]
Assignment 1
block 3 [3] Interactive web pages using JavaScript (on condition)
[Session 11] - [Session 15]
Assignment 1
Assignment 2-2

Credits will be given to those who have achieved at least 60% for all the following assignments.
[Assignment 1] Questions in relation to each subject (50 points)

Assurance test at each session: session 1 to session 13

[Assignment 2] Assessment of the web-page compiled by the student (50 points)

[Assignment 2-1] Preparation of a document which includes multimedia information, as well as submission of the document via network (20 points).
 (The article corresponds to the self-introduction in Assignment 2-2)
-Students are required to create an article to publish on a website and submit it as a PDF file

[Assignment 2-2] Creating interactive web pages using CSS and JavaScript (30 points)
 -Students are required to create and upload their self-introduction as a website based on [Assignment 2-1]