Katsuaki SUZUKI, Ph. D.

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Professor and Chair of Instructional Systems Program
Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences
Kumamoto University
086-8555 JAPAN

E-mail: ksuzuki@kumamoto-u.ac.jp
Fax: +81-96-342-2891
Phone: +81-96-342-2892

Previous Position: Professor of Educational Technology
Faculty of Software and Information Science
Iwate Prefectural University
E-mail: ksuzuki@iwate-pu.ac.jp (This address can be used until the end of April, 2006.)

Works in English

Jan. 20, 1959 Born in Ichikawa city, Chiba Prefecture
1981 Graduated from International Christian University (Education Major)
1983-87 Graduate study in Instructional Systems at Florida State University
1984-87 Research Assistant at Center for Educational Technology, FSU
1987 Gagne-Briggs Outstanding Student Award
1987 Ph.D. in Instructional Systems
1988 Robert M. Gagne Instructional Development Research Award
(Association for Educational Communications and Technology)
1988-90 Lecturer at Tohoku Gakuin University
1990-97 Assistant Professor at Tohoku Gakuin University
1992 Young Researcher Award (Japan Society for Educational Technology)
1997 Distinguished Alumnus Award, Florida State University
1997-98 Professor at Tohoku Gakuin University(Educational Technology, Systems Theory, etc.)
1999-2005 Professor atFaculty of Software and Information Science, Iwate Prefectural University
(Media Studies,Teaching Methods of Informatics, Practice Teaching, Software Seminar, Information System Seminar, Graduation Seminar)
2001-2005 Graduate School of Software and Information Science, Iwate Prefectural University
(Special Lecture on Social Information System II, Master Seminar, Doctoral Seminar)

Current Teaching Assignments:
Professor & Chair of Instructional Systems, Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences, Kumamoto University

Also teaches at (Parttime):
Graduate School of Educational Informatics, Tohoku University (e-Learning Fundamentals) 2004-
Visiting Faculty (Lecturers-in-chief) for Educational Development Program, University of the Air Graduate School (Human Informatics and e-Learning) 2005-2009

Previously taught at (Parttime):
Miyagi University of Education (Education and Information) 1990-2003
Graduate School of Educational Informatics, Tohoku University (Visiting Professor) 2002-2003
Graduate School of Human Informatics, Tohoku Gakuin University (Special Topics in Educational Technology) 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004
Hokkaido University of Education (Society and Education)2002
Tohoku Gakuin University(Systems Theory)1999-2001
Toyama University(Educational Technology)1994, 1997
Fukushima University(Educational Informatics) 1995-1996
Iwate Prefectural University (Software Laboratory) 1998
Kumamoto University (Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies) 2005

---Professional Organizations---
Board of Directors (2007-2010), The International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction
Co-Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Media in Education, jointly published by Japan Association for Educational Media Study and Korean Association for Educational Information and Media (KAEIM)

Board of Directors, Japan Society for Educational Technology
Board of Editors, Japan Society for Educational Technology
Board of Directors, Japan Association for Educational Technology
Board of Directors, Japan Association for Educational Media Study
Board of Councilors, Japan Society for Information and Systems in Education
Board of Editors, Japan Society for Information and Systems in Education
Member, Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Member, American Educational Research Association
Member, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

Joint Researcher, National Institute of Multimedia Education
Member, Committee for Teacher Training Program for High School New Subject "Informatics", Ministry of Education, 2000
Member, Program Committee for Educational Broadcast, Nippon Hoso Kyokai(Japan Broadcasting Corporation), 1993, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003

Councilor, Tohoku Regional Association for Broadcast Educators
Councilor, Miyagi Prefectual Association for Audiovisual Educators
Member, Committee for Information Education, Sendai City Board of Education, 1990-2001

OECD/SITE Invistigation Project Member for the 2nd International Case Study on Advanced Information Education Practices, 2000
MOE Project Member,Japan Association for Promotion of Educational Technology, 1998-2000
MOE Project Member,Center for Educational Computing, 1997-1999

Member, Committee for IT Instructor Skill Verification Standard, Central Agency for Information Technology, Japan Information Processing Development Corporation, 2001
Project Member, Research Institute for Software Engineering, 1991-1997
General Advisor, 22nd Annual Meeting for Educational Technologists, 1996
Chief Advisor, 44th Annual Meeting for Broadcast Educators, 1993

---Publications[In Japanese]---
2002 Instrcutional Design Mannual. Kitaoji-shobo, Kyoto.
1995 Introduction to instructional design from using Educational Broadcasts:Messages for young teachers. Japan Association for Educational Broadcast,Tokyo.

---Publications (Partial Contributions)---
2007 Designing for the world at large: A tale of two settings. In R. A. Reiser, & J. V. Dempsey (Eds.), Trends and issues in instructional design and technology (2nd Ed.). Pearson Education, xx-xx (Chapter x) (with Visser, J.).
2006 Blended learning in Japan and its application in Liberal Arts Education. In C. J. Bonk, & C. R. Graham (Eds.), The Handbook of Blended Learning Environments. Pfeiffer, 267-280 (Chapter 19). (with Jung, I. S.).
1988 Instructional designs for microcomputer courseware, Laurence Erlbaum Associates(with John M. Keller).

---Publications (Partial Contributions)[In Japanese]---
2002 Getting Started in Educational Technology (Translation), Kitaoji-shobo, Kyoto.
2002 Encycropeadia of Contemporaly School Education, Gyosei, Tokyo.
2002 Encycropeadia of Educational Technology, Jikkyo-Shobo, Tokyo.
2000 Internet Changes Education, Meiji-tosho, Tokyo.
1997 Case book of Instructional Techniques at Universities, Yuhikaku, Tokyo.
1997 Schools in the Information Area, Gyosei, Tokyo.
1995 Educational research at schools, Gyosei, Tokyo (New Series of SchoolEducation, Vol. 28)
1994 Children in Newmedia Ara, Yuhikaku, Tokyo.
1994 Multimedia Education, Yuhikaku, Tokyo.
1989 Instructional methods and techniques, Gakubunsha, Tokyo.
1989 Guide for computer uses in instruction, Sendai City Board of Education.

---Articles have appeared in---
Japanese Journal of Educational Media Research, Japanese Journalof Audio-visual Education Research, Japanese Journal of Radio and TelevisionEducation Research, Japan Journal of Educational Technology, Audiovisual Education, Broadcast Education, Instruction and Evaluation, Practical Researchin Educational Technology, New Education and Microcomputers, EducationalTechnology, Jornal of Instructional Development, Educational Technology and Communication Journal, Journal of Universal Computer Science.

---Invited Addresses/Lectures at---
University on the air, International Christian University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Florida State University, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Center for Educational Computing, Japan International Corporation Agency, Regional Meetings for Teachers in Educational Technology, Audiovisual Education, Broadcast Education, and Educational Computing

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