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Introduction to e-Learning

Lecturers in charge
: Katsuaki SUZUKI, Assistant Prof. Junko NEMOTO
: 1st October 2009 (Credit:2)
Subsequent course 
:Instructional Design II/Human Resource Development Business Management/Practice of Distance Education/Practicum in e-Learning I/Special Research I/ e-Learning Policy
Course Description
: This is a course for acquiring the basics for adoption of e-learning in education.
This course is intended to teach how to analyze e-learning cases from a designated analysis perspective and to propose several improvements. It is also intended to cultivate essential perception to adopt e-learning in continuing education or higher learning as well as knowledge on learning psychology, cognitive science, and adult learning theory.

When a Block 1 is completed, Block 2 and 3 will be opend.
[1] e-Learning experience report
Assignment 1
[2] Learning e-Learning fundamentals
Assignment 2

Credits will be given to those who have achieved scores of at least 60% in all of the following assignments:
[Assignment 1] e-Learning experience report (8 points) 
Report outlines and impressions of several e-learning cases you have experienced as a learner. Submit Mutual commenting on uploaded reports.
(Submission of a report and posting of Mutual commenting by using "Discussion Board for Assignment 1" in Session 2)
[Assignment 2] Text reading (52 points: 4 points x 13 sessions): This assignment corresponds to the "task" for each session. 
Post your answers to the questions at the end of every chapter (including feedback to the preface).
(Posting of answers or feedback and Mutual commenting on "Discussion Board for feedback to the preface" in Session 1 and "Discussion Board for reporting the end-of-chapter work" in Sessions 3-14, respectively)
[Assignment 3] e-Learning case analysis statement (40 points) 
Analyze an e-learning case and propose improvements from several angles, applying the analysis perspective dealt with in the texts. The scale, purpose, and target of the case picked up are irrelevant.
("Discussion Board for draft submission of Assignment 3" in Session 15 and "submission of Assignment 3")