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List of Open Courses

Special Research I (2007) update: October 2011 [Syllabus]

Special Research I is a required course to take at the first stage in planning your master’s thesis. It contains research areas and topics of our faculty members that can be used as a guide to direct your research interests. You can anticipate what kind of research can be done under direction of our faculty, once you enter our program.

Pedagogical Fundamentals (2007) [Syllabus]

Pedagogical Fundamentals is an elective course to look at e-learning from educational perspectives. At an equivalent level of undergraduate pre-service teacher training, this course covers the essence of educational philosophy, methodology, psychology, and foundations of instructional design, all in one course. A good start to get yourself ready for more advanced courses in our Master’s program.

Introduction to e-Learning (2009) [Syllabus]

Introduction to e-Learning is a course for acquiring the basics for adoption of e-learning in education. This course is intended to teach how to analyze e-learning cases from a designated analysis perspective and to propose several improvements. It is also intended to cultivate essential perception to adopt e-learning in continuing education or higher learning as well as knowledge on learning psychology, cognitive science, and adult learning theory. Introduction to e-Learning was renewed in 2010. This open course is a previous version.

Information Processing Fundamentals (2010) [Syllabus]

Information Processing Fundamentals is an introductory subject for students who have not learned IT in the undergraduate programs or those who need to enhance their knowledge and skills in this field. You will obtain basic information processing knowledge (to be used especially for the Web) which is necessary for the development of e-Learning instructional materials. Specifically, you will acquire the script language which is essential for the construction of HTML and interactive Web pages based on an editor program. Furthermore, you will deepen your understanding of the application of the script language on the Web, including editing and processing of multimedia information, while getting acquainted with specific operations. A good start to get yourself ready for more advanced courses in our Master’s IT program.