Professors and Researchers

               Hiroshi Nakano
Hiroshi Nakano Professor, Instructional Systems
               Kenichi Sugitani
Kenichi Sugitani Professor, Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies
               Masashi Toda
Masashi Toda Professor, Instructional Systems
               Toshihiro Kita
Toshihiro Kita Professor, Instructional Systems
               Yoshiko Goda
Yoshiko Goda Professor, Instructional Systems
               Yoshihiro Ekawa
Yoshihiro Ekawa Associate Professor, Instructional Systems
               Shinichiro Kubota
Shinichiro Kubota Associate Professor, Instructional Systems
               Rwitajit MAJUMDAR
Rwitajit MAJUMDAR Associate Professor, Instructional Systems

Ph.D. (Educational Technology, IIT Bombay, India)
Masters (Design Engineering, BITS Pilani, India)
Bachelors (Engineering Technology, BITS Pilani, India)
               Asuka Kawagoe
Asuka Kawagoe Associate Professor, Instructional Systems
               Yasuo Musashi
Yasuo Musashi Professor
               Masahiro Migita
Masahiro Migita Assistant professor, Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies
               Norio Iriguchi
Norio Iriguchi Professor, Instructional Systems
               Fujio Ohmori
Fujio Ohmori Visiting Professor, Kumamoto University
               Hiroshi Kato
Hiroshi Kato Visiting Professor, Kumamoto University
               Junji Shibasaki
Junji Shibasaki Visiting Associate Professor
               Katsuaki Suzuki
Katsuaki Suzuki Visiting Professor, Kumamoto University
Professor, Instructional Systems
Born in 1959. Ph.D., Instructional Systems, Florida State University.
               Shigeki Tsuduku
Shigeki Tsuduku Visiting Professor, Kumamoto University
               Hiroto Toda
Hiroto Toda Visiting Professor, Kumamoto University
               Kiyoshi Nakabayashi
Kiyoshi Nakabayashi Visiting Professor, Kumamoto University
               Naoshi Hiraoka
Naoshi Hiraoka Visiting Associate Professor, Kumamoto University
               Kei Amano
Kei Amano Research on use of a digital badge in education
               Ai Yamashita
               Nami Nakashima
Nami Nakashima 看護師 助産師
修士(2009年 京都府立医科大学保険看護研究科)
               Junko Nemoto
Junko Nemoto Part-time lecturer
               Shirou Kitamura
Shirou Kitamura Part-time lecturer
               Chikako Nagaoka
Chikako Nagaoka Part-time lecturer
               Chikako Nagaoka
               Junko Araki
Junko Araki Part-time lecturer
               Keiichi Ikegami
Keiichi Ikegami Part-time lecturer
               Fumiko Konno
Fumiko Konno Part-time lecturer
               Yoshiyuki Shibata
Yoshiyuki Shibata Part-time lecturer
               Hiroshi Shimoyama
Hiroshi Shimoyama Part-time lecturer
               Toru Fujimoto
Toru Fujimoto Part-time lecturer
               Yoshiko Terada
Yoshiko Terada Part-time lecturer
               Aki Nakanishi
Aki Nakanishi Part-time lecturer
               Reiichirou Uno
Reiichirou Uno Part-time lecturer
               Chiyuki Kuwahara
Chiyuki Kuwahara Part-time lecturer
               Keiko Koike
Keiko Koike Support for mid-career nurses' activities, distance learning design for nurses
               Akiko Takahashi
Akiko Takahashi Part-time lecturer
Instructional Design, Online Learning
               Atue Takeoka
Atue Takeoka Part-time lecturer
Instructional design, Story-Centered-Curriculum
               Toshiyuki Miyahara
Toshiyuki Miyahara Part-time lecturer
               Akiko Morita
Akiko Morita Part-time lecturer
               Noriko Kitagawa
Noriko Kitagawa Development plan for a work support tool specialized for gastroenterology nursing - word search using a chatbot
               Rie Tsuchiya
Rie Tsuchiya Teaching Japanese as a Second Language, Teacher Training, Professional Learning Community
               Mikou Kawamura
               Yumiko Kudo
Yumiko Kudo Proposal and validation for an internal reflective approach and ICT Utilization Methods to Improve the quality of teachers' feedback in Synchronous English Training Programs.
               Daisuke Sugiki
Daisuke Sugiki Development and Evaluation of a Learning Management System Supporting the Acquisition of Basic Skills in Emergency Medicine for Junior Residents
               Kyoko Nishimura
               Yuki Masaoka
               Machiko Yagi
Machiko Yagi Nurses, Continuing Education, Technology Enhanced Learning
               Hiroyuki Watanabe
Hiroyuki Watanabe Development and evaluation of tools to assure the quality of student tutors
               Kana Soyama
Kana Soyama TESOL, Instructional Design
               Kazumi Kawamura
Kazumi Kawamura e-learning design, competency development
               Junko Morita
Junko Morita Instructional Design, Japanese Language Education, Lifelong Education, First-Year Experience, Remote Education
               Yasuyuki Iwanaga
Yasuyuki Iwanaga Development of a learning system, Checklist, First principles of instruction, Gagne's nine events
               Hisae Sato
Hisae Sato Development of a Program to Promote Collaboration among Regional Welfare Coordinators
               Masami Ikuta
Masami Ikuta Emergency Nursing Education SNS Life-Support Procedures Newspaper Digital Archive.
               Yumiko Nishimura
Yumiko Nishimura Learning Support in Pharmacist Lifelong Learning / Development of Self-Assessment Tools
               Yoichi Tanaka
Yoichi Tanaka Designing of career education for social-emotional skills
               Susumu Oishi
Susumu Oishi Examination of ways to develop human resources for working people
               Maki Arame
Maki Arame HMI, Instructional Design
               Akiko Tajima
Akiko Tajima Cultural Learning and Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, Vocabulary Learning Support, Learning Evaluation
               Akiko Kai
Akiko Kai Design-based research on improving the learning environment to support autonomous language learning of Japanese
               Kanako Hamada
Kanako Hamada Career education, job search support, career portfolios
               Sayuri Ohba
               Toru matsuoka
Toru matsuoka Development of Teaching Materials Using a Self Regulated Learning Process to
               Misao takahashi
Misao takahashi Development of "cyber self-study room”
               Shota Okuno
Shota Okuno Job aide learning organization
               Yuusei Suzuki
               Kumi Matsui
Kumi Matsui Design of Science Literacy Education, Design for Reflective Learning, LLM
               Youichi Tanaka
               Masami Nakamae
               Xiaohong Zhang
Xiaohong Zhang Analysis of the Learning Process of Working Participants -A Case Study of Participants in the Industry-Academia Collaboration Innovator Program
               Akiko Okuro
Akiko Okuro Examining Reflection to Improve Metacognitive Skills in Career Education
               Kazuki Mitsui
               Keiko Okamuro
Keiko Okamuro chat-bot.AI.medical care Business support