About GSIS

About GSIS

Graduate School of Instructional Systems was established as an independent major (Master's degree program) in Kumamoto University Graduate School of Socio-Cultural Science in 2006, and has started with 15 first-year students and 22 subjects such as course students. , 8 years have passed. Since its establishment, conducts systematic education and research on teaching systems, and develops education and research activities with the aim of training highly specialized professionals who can develop, implement and evaluate e-learning with high educational effects, efficiency and attractiveness. Yes. The doctoral program promotes the deepening of postgraduate education and the advancement of academic research in response to the social needs and academic needs of this field, and trains educational researchers who can lead the development and spread of the field.


This is a greeting from the chief of this department (in charge of master's course and postgraduate course).

Four I around ID

Describes four I (Instructional Design, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Instructional Management) that can be studied in this major.

Competency to be acquired upon completion

This course introduces the competencies that can be acquired by completing the master's degree program.

Available eLP qualifications

In this department, e-Learning Professional qualifications can be obtained from the non-profit Japan E-Learning Consortium.


Introduces the subjects offered in the master's course and doctoral course.

Campus Life

Introduces the campus life after entering the teaching system science major.

To Applicants

Entrance Examination

If you would like to enroll in a teaching system science major, please check the details on the entrance exam at the link below.

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