Examples of Research Topics

Our faculty advisors are capable of providing instruction regarding research topics in a wide variety of fields so students will be able to study topics that apply to the many different work or academic settings they may be involved in after graduation.

List of Research Topics

  1. Educational design analysis and design guidelines proposal for e-learning materials for working professionals
  2. Design and development of human resource development materials for field practitioners using goal-based scenario theory
  3. Trials in educational design analysis and revision of IT-related e-learning materials
  4. Design and development of educational materials for field practitioners using elaboration theory
  5. Design and development of e-learning materials for improving problem solving ability regarding work tasks
  6. Development and operational evaluation of e-learning implementation assistance systems
  7. Conversion of corporate universities into e-learning and evaluation of this process
  8. Design and development of Japanese honorific learning systems using analytic hierarchy
  9. Development of the drill system for concept learning using “dimensional analysis” and “sub-drill structures”
  10. Research in effective visualization of the educational statuses of learners
  11. Research in development of authoring tools to support the creation of educational materials for simulations
  12. Research in individual portals for learners
  13. Developmental research in competency list coordination-based curriculum creation support tools
  14. Research in LMS evaluation systems
  15. Development of open source modules for expanding LMS functions
  16. Development of course information management systems that coordinate with open source LMS
  17. Real-time estimation of learner psychological state and audio feedback
  18. Research in the construction of multimedia human interfaces for e-learning
  19. Research in usability of e-learning materials
  20. Comparative research in international e-learning policy
  21. Research in the transition to globalized and borderless e-learning
  22. Research in quality assurance and new knowledge and educational format creation through e-learning
  23. Research in e-learning policy at universities and other academic settings
  24. Research in international protection systems for copyrights on information networks, and their applications in the field of education
  25. Research in the global licensing business for copyrighted materials
  26. Research in the state of legal action against copyright infringement on information networks, and their applications in the field of education
  27. Research in international protection systems for computer software, and their applications in the field of education

(The above is just a selection of examples. Each student discusses with school faculty before deciding on their research topic.)