Video Record of Lecture and Demonstrations

Links to publicly available videos of lectures and demonstrations by program faculty.

*Only videos officially released by our program are posted here.

Katsuaki Suzuki, The Potential for Educational and Learning Assistance Using Instructional Design(Chiba University Academic Link Seminar/ALPS Seminar 2017 No. 2) at Chiba University, 2017.10.06

Katsuaki Suzuki, The Allure of Instructional Design (PDP ONLINE: Specialization Development Program) at Tohoku University Center for Professional Development, 2016.08.09

Katsuaki Suzuki, Incorporating instructional design theory into an online graduate program at Kumamoto University, Japan (21st TCC Online Conference, E-Learning: The More We Get Together) at Kumamoto University, 2016.04.19-21
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Katsuaki Suzuki, Class and Material Design to Increase Motivation – Utilizing the Techniques of Instructional Design (Workshop hosted by the ICU Japanese Language Education Research Center) at International Christian University, 2015.01.21

Katsuaki Suzuki, University Education from the Perspective of Instructional Design – From a Bird’s Eye View to a Sandwich Model (Short lecture from the 20th University Educational Research Forum) at Kyoto University, 2014.3.19

Yoshiko Goda, Designing Appealing Learning (Keynote speech from the E-learning Contents Development Seminar) at Otemae University, Sakura Shukugawa Campus, 2011.7.22