About RCiS

About RCiS

The Research Center for Instructional Systems (RCiS) consists of three research divisions and a supporting division, the e-Learning Promotion Office, which aims to be a global research base for instructional systems research. We have various practical fields both inside and outside the university, and conducts researches for higher education and professional education.

3 Research Divisions

Instructional Design Research Division

We will conduct research on the training of advanced professionals who can develop, implement, and evaluate e-Learning and researchers in the field of teaching systems.

Learning Support Information System Research Division

We conduct research on planning and promotion of ICT use education such as e-learning, content development and development support, development and management of online tools and applications.

Regional Cooperative Systems Research Division

Human resources in programs and regions and companies that are interested and can participate in the classes that have had little participation in conventional lifelong learning (mainly young and middle-aged working people, medical professionals, teachers and other professionals etc.) Conduct research on the development and development of educational programs that meet the needs of training.

Supporting Division

IeLD, Institute for e-Learning Development

IeLD is in charge of planning and promoting making courses into e-learning in Kumamoto University, development and development support of contents, design support of e-learning courses, development of applications, operation management of systems and promoting ICT-enhanced education and media education.

Associate Research

Associate Research Organizations

RCiS conducts joint researches with education institutions and corporations.

Associate Researchers

RCiS welcomes adjunct researchers who are practicing or conducting researches on Instructional Systems and holds academic events on the joint researches or Instructional Systems.

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