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I would like to give lectures! However, as I am in fact the person who wrote “Design Manual for Self-learning Material”, I guess I need to be patient. It is thought by some that self-learning is a boring, lonely pursuit, and that it is hard for learners to persist. I would like to banish that image. And, I would like to compensate for my daily frustration by realizing a site for learning experiences where students would feel, “Having access to this kind of e-learning program makes we want to learn more.” I enjoy my occasional opportunities to chat with some students through so-called “Kumadai Nights.” Even when I don’t get a chance to do that, I enjoy following the exchange of opinions on the bulletin board, thinking, “Yes, this is how it should be!” Let’s learn cheerfully and enthusiastically! I hope you will be a demanding customer at this school, and will graduate as a specialist who can understand the true intent of orders from customers.


For those engaged in corporate education, higher education, and e-learning: Through a process of trial and error, you may have come to the conclusion that there could be better ways of imparting education. At the Graduate School of Instructional Systems, let’s think together from a range of perspectives about better educational methods.Join us, at the Graduate School of Instructional Systems!

Education with ICT enables us to learn with the world. I would like to devote myself to the world peace through education. What should I do? What could I do?

Mother Teresa
“Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to thatperson, a beautiful thing.”

「熱 意はあるが技術がない教え手」と「技術はあるが熱意がない教え手」のどちらがよりよい教え手でしょうか。本当の意味での熱意がある教え手は教える技術を学 ぼうとするはずと考えると、熱意はあるが技術がない教え手はただ自分の熱意を押し売りしているだけに思えます。一方で熱意がない教え手の技術は状況の変化 に対応できず、いずれ役に立たなくなるでしょう。
Nowadays, using the Web, we can make all kinds of bookings and reservations anywhere, anytime. We can shop smarter for many different kinds of items by comparing brands and models in terms of their function or design. We can consult an encyclopedia or register it as a favorite program on our PC. Without the Web, these things would not have been possible. And, new ideas for making use of the Web just keep coming. When it comes to education, simply replacing conventional educational methods with Web-based ones doesn’t go far enough. Let’s plan and realize an educationally effective system which will be perceived by all as something that would have been impossible without the Web.
To me, every student who enters the school of Instructional systems is “young.” Now, that doesn’t mean that every student is chronologically young (no offence meant if that includes you), but each new student has a sense of purpose and is filled with aspiration. The environment here, in which such “young” people will become your classmates, seniors, or juniors, will surely change you. Actually, I am a living example.
多 彩な教員陣、先輩、同輩、後輩の仲間たちとの活発な議論や交流を経て、 皆さん独自の「教授システム学」を描いて頂ければと期待しています。 私が語れるのは、多様な要素から成り立つこの学問分野のほんの一部のみ ですが、皆さんの「描き」を少しでも支援できれば、と考えています。
The school of Instructional systems is a very interesting place. I strongly recommend that you join us. As a staff member, I sometimes experience difficult and extremely busy days but, personally, I enjoy belonging to this school. One of its characteristics is the opportunity to meet many different people and get into discussions with them, regardless of any differences in experience, career, age, social position, hometown, or other factors. Even when you share the same goals as other students, you can still learn a lot by witnessing variations in approaches and ways of thinking, which derive from the differences in experience, position, or regional characteristics. This not only demonstrates the merits and potential of e-learning but also helps us to rediscover the pleasure of learning and utilizing our knowledge. This school is your place for elicitation of knowledge, both old and new.
As Richard Wurman stated, most communication is a form of instruction, such as “I’d like someone to do this for me.” Of course, much depends on the individuals concerned, but communication, by its very nature, tends to fail. We could use the analogy of a desire, as in “I want to be loved,” which has a small chance of being fulfilled. Instructions are also naturally prone to failure. That’s why we have schemes and artifice and wiles. It is just e-learning, but it should be properly appreciated.
I used to be rather complacent regarding the lectures I was giving at university. However, once I was presented with the actual achievements of e-learning, I was captivated by this new educational medium. The detailed data showed me that e-learning is so powerful that it can accomplish things that would otherwise be beyond the capabilities of human beings. Since then, despite occasionally struggling to bridge the gap between what I used to do in old-style teaching and the profound world of e-learning, I have enjoyed working with this approach. Now is the time for you to start e-learning.
In our world, there are designs for everything – clothing, furniture, automobiles, to name just a few. Each may be independent of the others, or they may be interrelated. It is quite complicated. However, all these items have one thing in common: their designs are produced in order to realize a particular purpose. Design is all around us, and design is also required in order to realize learners’ goals.
Human beings, according to Pascal (1623-1662), are merely reeds on the surface of the earth. However, using the power of the mind, humans have created new technologies and established superb material civilizations. Moreover, they have used their minds to create Web pages, content for educational purposes, paintings, and musical pieces, thereby establishing an equally wonderful spiritual civilization. As Pascal also noted, humans are “thinking reeds.” Suppose you had uploaded a trademark from America without its owners’ or creators’ permission, using a server located in Japan. They could even be viewed in America via the Internet. Trademark rights are concerned with any form of presentation of trademarks. So, what would happen? Is this a freedom of expression situation? Intangible properties flowing across the Internet have economic value. The rights of the creators should be properly protected.
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