Messages of Professors

Katsuaki Suzuki
Katsuaki Suzuki I would like to give lectures! However, as I am in fact the person who wrote “Design Manual for Self-learning Material”, I guess I need to be patient. It is thought by some that self-learning is a boring, lonely pursuit, and that it is hard for learners to persist. I would like to banish that image. And, I would like to compensate for my daily frustration by realizing a site for learning experiences where students would feel, “Having access to this kind of e-learning program makes we want to learn more.” I enjoy my occasional opportunities to chat with some students through so-called “Kumadai Nights.” Even when I don’t get a chance to do that, I enjoy following the exchange of opinions on the bulletin board, thinking, “Yes, this is how it should be!” Let’s learn cheerfully and enthusiastically! I hope you will be a demanding customer at this school, and will graduate as a specialist who can understand the true intent of orders from customers.

Shirou Kitamura
Shirou Kitamura For those engaged in corporate education, higher education, and e-learning: Through a process of trial and error, you may have come to the conclusion that there could be better ways of imparting education. At the Graduate School of Instructional Systems, let’s think together from a range of perspectives about better educational methods.Join us, at the Graduate School of Instructional Systems!